Good Morning
10 Mag 2016


“The days must begin with a hug, a kiss and the fondling of an Italian espresso. Because breakfast has to be lush.”



Our sweet corner consists of:

  • Various breads
  • Italian croissants, plain or filled with chocolate or jam
  • Vegan croissants
  • Lactose free croissants
  • Italian doughnuts filled with vanilla cream
  • Sachertorte
  • Fruit tartlets
  • Chocolate jelly roll
  • Yoghurt pie
  • Apple pie
  • Various biscuits
  • Waffles

At hand: jams, marmalade and honey

​Our savor corner offers:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Local salami
  • Smoked Italian speck
  • Parma ham
  • Bresaola (air-dried salted beef)
  • Cooked ham
  • Sandwiches
  • Taleggio soft cheese
  • Pecorino goat cheese
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Soft cheeses
  • Butter
Our health corner has to offer:

  • Seasonal fruits
  • Dried fruits
  • A selection of cereals
  • Almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, red berries and wolfberries
  • Classic yogurt and soy yogurt
  • Full whole milk, skimmed milk, soy milk, almond milk



Our Gluten Free products:

Rice rusks, Biscuits, Fruit bars, Cookies, Waffles, Plum cake , Cereals, Breads

Our products are chosen carefully and of high quality, paying close attention to their origin and suppliers who have embraced to the fullest of our philosophy.